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Lindsay Shaw Photography concentrates on illustrating who you are.  We focus our work on illustrating this time in your life.  We choose spaces that are beautiful for the background of your lifestyle images, and that may be your home, a nearby park or walk in the woods.  We want to provide you with a collection of images that really speak to you, so when you look back on this time in your life, with your partner, children and extended family members, you can remember not only the way "they" looked, but also their mannerisms, their steps, laughs, smiles and way you looked at each other.  We do very little "posing", but focus more on "directing" during your session.  We make sure you're in the right place with the right light. We make sure you are comfortable and enjoying yourselves.  We provide experiences, but we leave it up to you to be yourselves! 

We curate life as it happens.