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Our Approach:


We cannot approach anything we do, without looking at the "big picture".  There will of course be those iconic photos that represent your entire session, the ones you may frame or enlarge for your walls.   But for us, it's about the entire experience. So we consider this when selecting our favorite images for your collection.  Most of our clients are "yearly clients" and it's wonderful catching up with them year after year, watching them grow and change.  We consider this when we photography your images.  Whether it's your changing maternity tummy, your small children, or your larger extended family, we know this time is important and special in your life.  Even if it's not a monumental event.  So we capture your session as if it was our own, paying attention to the emotions, the details and your expressions.
 As we approach each and every event and session, we ask ourselves:
"What would we want to remember about this moment, when we can't remember anymore? "
That's what we photograph.
We don't want you to have to wait for those special moments to curate your life.
When the weddings and births are over, what will you curate for future generations?
Be in touch about having photos with your spouse, partner, daughter or best friends.
It doesn't have to fit into a Pinterest category.  Just capture memories because they're special to you!
There are a few "categories" below, but really- we want to help you visually curate your life for decades to come.
Consider Lindsay Shaw Photography for the special people in your lives, especially you!
These galleries represent images from some of the many sessions we've curated recently.

Commemorate milestones or memories by having a photographic session done!  You don't need a "reason".  Whether it's your child with their new pet, graduation or portraits of your 2 year old! Anytime in life we can celebrate who we are should be curated for a lifetime.


Families & Children


They grow so fast! So many people tell us "we haven't had family photos done since Jr. was 4!"  Make time to have this time in your childs' or families' lives curated through photography!  If it's just the two of you and your dog, or you have a whole gaggle of children, give us a call!


Whether it's post-wedding portraits, trash-the-dress, maternity, or something important in your life, take a moment to curate this time in with professional images.



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